Our Virtual Civil War

I’ve been writing limericks as a way of coping with our Great Pumpkin Menace. But hearing about how Trump is complicit with Putin paying the Taliban to kill US Soldiers is downright tyrrany and he deserves to get impeached again. He is a traitor. This time, the battlefield is virtual – it’s the media – social and otherwise. It’s psychological warfare. Add in slowing down testing, and you have pure evil in the White House who is killing people.

America is at war now
It’s a virtual civil war
It’s time to save our country
It’s a country worth fighting for

President Evil lurks the White House
Domestic terrorist lives inside
It’s time to end this evil
Lets regain our Pride

It’s time to put our boots on
Fight back against tyranny
Take a stand against the man
And take back our country

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