I built two 24′ circumference mag loops – for RX phased with an NCC-2

I’m going to try phasing two antenna’s that will be fed like verticals, but look like loops. I’ve sold the NCC-2 – 6 months of AM BCB DX-ing was enough, and I haven’t gotten interested in 160M again since making DXCC on that band. So, as usual, change is in the winds.


While the phased receiving “KY6R Big Mag Loops” was a huge success – this year I am getting a “2 fer” with these 24′ circumference loops.  I’m intrigued by phasing two of these using a DX Engineering DV-40-P at 35′ apart. Here is how I will modify them:


When a Loop becomes a Vertical. That square at the bottom is the ABS plastic box – there is only one connection to the “loop/vert” the other goes to the radials. SO, how does it look in EZNec?


90 degree phasing where they are facing each other


When they are end to end – they look very similar. The azimuthal pattern is different:


When they are facing each other


We get a 90 degree direction shift

I checked the 180 broadside pattern, and it didn’t change – so the rotators will still be useful because while these aren’t magnetic loops – the fact to face and end to end configurations do change direction. Its a pretty bizarre use case, but what the heck, I have to try it. 

I’ll A-B test these against the UrbanBeam up 55′ – where its a folded dipole on 40M. I’ll certainly test these using QRP.


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