FREQ300: Mariana ISLANDS – KHow – #47

Its been like watching grass grow – but QRP CW is pretty much the only thing keeping me in Ham Radio

The occasional antenna experimentation plus QRP CW is the only things holding my interest in Ham Radio. I’m much more invested in playing music and attempting to write songs. It is nice to still have one pinky toe in radio though – the only real skill left operating wise is CW – without this unique and “baroque” skill, it would have basically no meaning for me. I just sold my HT because I realize after several emergencies that we have had that the last thing I’d do in an emergency is turn on and use an HT. Plus, even when the power goes out – cell phones stay on these days.

I am still interested in tinkering – but I’m staying away from spending much money on Ham gear these days. I expect I’ll use this K3 until I retire – then it will be just the KX3. The magnetic transmitting loop that I will build (actually re-purpose one of my KY6R Big Mag Loops – which was RX only) – if it works out – will probably be my “retirement antenna”, and it will be 40M only.

Speaking of that – now that I only have one KY6R Big Mag Loop – when I try to listen to the small radio stations up in Oregon, I can hear them – but with very deep and long QSB. Phasing two of them through the DXE NCC-2 was pure magic. Steering the null so that the antenna was more like a beam was fantastic. Unfortunately, AM Radio is nothing but Fox News – so I couldn’t stand listening to that garbage – and so out the window AM BCB DX-ing goes for me. That era is gone forever now.

My radio nostalgia is wearing thin – CW is the only nostalgia left in it for me – and I can say that Ham Radio in general has become a true anachronism for me.

I am glad that there is this last “hook”, and it does give me an alteranative hobby – when I need a break from music – which lately has been hardly at all. The FREQ300 is still kind of a “cute” passtime. It still does make me feel good to work a new one with QRP – in fact, I do marvel at ho – once there are no pileups – 5 watts with a decent antenna – cuts the mustard.

2 Comments on “FREQ300: Mariana ISLANDS – KHow – #47

  1. Actually, QRP CW is the only thing that keeps ME involved in amateur radio. Even at that, my interest diminishes day by day. I am significantly older than you…I believe…but, unlike you, have no other significant interests to occupy my time with. But, I do enjoy reading, watching old B movies on You Tube, and listening to classical and early jazz music from the same source. Taking our new Dachshund puppy out…frequently…to relieve himself gets me plenty of fresh air. Radio wise I do make a point of getting on the air for at least an hour every day…except weekends. I don’t always have a QSO but follow my signal on the RBN so I do know I am usually monitored somewhere in Europe and by a few monitors on the east coast of NA. Additionally, I read, somewhere, that fluency in Morse can be an aid in avoiding dementia. I guess I will never completely go QRT before going SK. GL es 72.73 de F8WBD

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    • We are the “Keepers of CW”. It’s living history and worth keeping alive. I added SOS in Morse on my last song. I played a high A on the piano and tapped out a rhythm that perfectly went with the song. I think I’ll add more Morse to my music – low in the mix, but as a fun little joke


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