God Hates Trump

Donald Trump and baseball
How are they alike?
Just when they would start again
The Umpire calls out Steeerike!

Poor number 45
Wants his re election
A swing, a miss, at the plate
Everyone will reject him

First strike was the Virus
Then came the Depression
Third came BLM
Struck out one term session

His downfall perfectly timed
Exposed for all his crimes
Gross incompetence. Whose
Batting next? Mike Pence

Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr
And that Lindsey Graham
Will never ever get to bat
God tells them all to scram

God is the Umpire
He’s the one who rules
Even God has his limits
He ejects the fools


We want a batter
Not a belly itcher
Thrown out by the Umpire
Struck out by the pitcher

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