Trashcan Shakespeare

If I had a band, I’d call it Trashcan Shakespeare

I’m having a ton of fun writing silly Limericks and pretending to write music.

I’ve had hobbies when I was young, and at that age the hobby had to lead some where. For instance, I played in a band in the 80’s with a dream of being on stage. I got my wish but realized I liked everything leading up to that – but not being on stage.

When VK0EK was happening, I was asked to go, and it was very tempting. But at least being in my 50’s I could be a lot more honest about myself.

These days I enjoy things for what they are, not what they might become.

I’ve even gotten over my mic fright. When I was WA2QHN, as soon as I got my General License, I tried to get in the air with SSB and was petrified with much fright.

Now, hell, I’ll even try singing again. I guess I’m that old man who just doesn’t give a shit any more.

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