Dharma Bums

The Rite Spot, San Francisco

The lyrics I had for Desolation Peak do not work for my latest “song idea”, so I rewrote the lyrics and also made them more directly tied to Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums novel.

On top of the world
Lookout for fire
Freedoms a prison
Nature’s desire

Far from the crowd
Yin and the yang
Up in the clouds
Dharma of man

Glass is half empty
Glass is half full
You only get one glass
From life’s stream you pull

He gave up his things
He took to the road
His search for the truth
Enlightened his load

The fork in the road
The one less traveled
He traveled within
His pain it unraveled

The glass is half empty
There’s more to be had
We only drink one life
The good and the bad

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