My Trails End With Ham Radio

Guess it’s time to sell the K3. I will keep the KX-3, Adventurer paddle and Begali Sculpture Mono. Just a ladder line doublet up 50′ might be where the ball lands in my last year’s of Ham Radio. Or maybe just the magnetic loop antenna – if it works well enough.

Ham Radio ended for me after the VK0EK DXpedition. I’ve tried my best, but after this mag loop experiment, I think I’m done. I’ll keep one “pinky toe” in the hobby with the KX-3 and a solar charged battery.

4 Comments on “My Trails End With Ham Radio

  1. I’m in a similar boat. I haven’t really made any QSOs in almost a year. I’m looking for property now in Washington, but not really with an eye to building a ham radio station. I’m more interested in experiments with renewable power and sustainable living. I think that will be my next big project. I’ve rarely had better than a dipole and I guess that I’ll probably set one up again when I can. But I’m not at all bothered by being off the air for the foreseeable future.

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  2. Amateur radio experiments are a never ending hobby Rich. Right now there is music in your life. But at a certain point you will get back. Curious how you’ll do with the magloop. You might enjoy working with simple and minimal equipment. Good luck and keep blogging whatever it is. Still enjoy it. 73, Bas

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  3. I know how you feel. I’ve found these days I get more satisfaction in amateur radio by making tools that others can use with amateur radio to enjoy it more, rather than actually getting on the air. I make a QSO once in awhile, but I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t log them anymore. I participate in Field Day and the PA QSO Party. Those are my only contest events. It just seems pointless anymore to spend countless hours in a chair to get a piece of paper for the wall or to get your callsign in a teeny font in QST contest results. Life is too short. Fifty years from now no one will remember that I scored third place in my call area in a contest, but they very well may be using some software I wrote, or may even see a snarky comment I wrote in the code one late night.

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  4. “KX-3, Adventurer paddle and Begali Sculpture Mono. Just a ladder line doublet up 50′ “.

    You have the sort of station that many other amateurs operate. Some are active with less. I expect you will be around a bit longer.

    You may find yourself listening to music and doing less composing. Slide steel guitar Hawaiian music? I really like the very old acoustic recordings of same. Non-amplified strings. U-tube has some fine selections. I really like those recorded before 1930.

    QRP CW and a wire. It doesn’t get any better.

    I just received a 40 year old TS-130V transceiver. Matches my TS-120V. Both rigs set at 5 watts. That’s the station here. Both on the desk. Old pair of Western Electric phones and a couple Begali straight keys. And a low Par EF-20.

    Keep pounding QRP brass. This old man is still at it.

    73/72 Dick

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