Solar Powered QRP – KX-3

KX-3 with Begali Adventurer

Last Thanksgiving, on vacation, I brought the KX-3 and threw a wire I the trees. It was very casual and fun.

The things I will keep are the KX-3 and my Begali keys and the AB-577 tower. I will put up an 88′ ladder line doublet, and it will be up 65′. It will be oriented NE and SW. I will also play with the magnetic loop – but that is more an experiment. I will A – B test it with the doublet. This is similar to the antenna I started with in 2001 when I got back into ham radio and when the DXCC bug hit.

CW + Solar + QRP + “decent wire” = staying in the hobby with my “pinkie toe”

If Elecraft comes out with a KX-4, I would be interested.

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