Goodbye K3 and UrbanBeam

The new KY6R Station

The new antenna – Diamond 80/40M Inverted Vee up 60′. The KY6R Magnetic Loop to the left – waiting for me to have the time to finish that project

The AB-577 stays (for now)

I’d be super surprised if the KY6R Magnetic Loop performs (nearly) as good as the Inverted Vee, but that’s not saying too much. Inverted Vee’s have not been my favorite antennas, but I finally did get all 12 sections of the AB-577 mast up yesterday – after taking down the UrbanBeam.

The K3 and UrbanBeam left the premises today – and so now I am truly a QRP CW guy, with no plans on ever getting back into higher power or other modes. My DXCC chase is also done – I’m very pleased that I did what I did – but time moves forward, and I have new interests.

At least I am keeping one pinkie toe in the Ham Radio Pool. I do admit – the Win4K3Suite and KX-3 are a super fun combo – in fact, I was pleased to be back with the “less is more” approach.


4 Comments on “Goodbye K3 and UrbanBeam

  1. I actually wonder if DXCC will ever really recover from the current drought of mega DXpeditions. All the DXers I personally know are this close to just hanging up their spurs, and I already did (although I could be enticed back by something amazing). Right now it’s mostly just talk, but if the downturn continues I could see some of the effects becoming permanent. It’s not like the hobby was on an upswing to begin with.
    Once you get to 320, which I think is about my number, it’s just a waiting game. And keeping your station ready to go can actually be quite expensive for many of us. Maybe you have real estate decisions involved. At some point you rationalize to yourself, well, I could have finished, there was just nothing to work, but I can’t justify continuing to stay on alert anymore.


    • I’ve waited 4 years since my last ATNO and 7 years since making Honor Roll. Other things compete for my “hobby money”, and Ham Radio has lost in that department. Keeping an expensive station doing nothing just deteriorates the resale value

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      • Oh, I do like the KX-3, KX-2 and this new similar rig that is featured on some ham blogs.

        If a KX-4 with dual receivers comes out, I’m in.

        I also could do another K1WA Array if I wanted a better QRP DX antenna.

        But it’s funny, the KX-3 and KX-2 are cheap enough it’s a great way to stay active when you get to the point where I’m at


      • I intend to keep the IC-7300 and the 1.3K-FA, the two verticals, the AB-577, and the hex beam. Everything else is something I’d like to part with. And jeez, is there a lot of it. I don’t even know how I amassed so much stuff. I have 4 linears and 4 rigs!

        I have no plans to deploy any of it the stuff I keep the near future, but maybe I will do some QRP FT8 from the apartment. Then again, probably not. Been there, done that…

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