The “Lowly” Inverted Vee

Turns out – at 65′ up, the Inverted Vee is “OK”

At 65′ on 30M, its a really decent antenna

The Inverted Vee is just about my least favorite antenna – but I’m learning if its high enough – its “OK” and even pretty good – depending on band. Even a lower flat top dipole is better, but we all have to do what we can given our compromised suburban lots.

For the lower bands – its a tough decision between a quarter wave vertical – which is a better DX Antenna (if you have a good radial field) or an Inverted Vee. When I was in High School the common combination for most hams was a tri band trapped yagi and a trapped Inverted Vee for 80 and 40M. I did not know anyone on 160M, and this was before traps became a bad word.



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