When The Idea of The Thing is Better Than The Thing

Special Delivery! Yet another rock wall that I rebuilt this summer . . . 

I’ve learned that many times the idea of a thing is way better than that thing. For me – in the 80’s the idea of playing in a band on stage was way more than when I actually accomplished that goal. In fact – I really didn’t like playing gigs – I loved practice studio time where my friend and I collaborated on and wrote some really good songs.

Lil’ Shitler . . . . a blob of mud makes my legless gnome look like Hitler . . . Google Shitler – its hillarious . . . 

In Ham Radio – the idea of going on a DX-pedition was always better than actually going (for me). I enjoyed helping make VK0EK happen. I know without me – it would NOT have happened – but I truly wasn’t seeking anything more than maybe appreciation for helping make it happen. I did get the kudo’s and the “15 minutes of fame”. After that – I was good – that was my one and only. I live by the Talking Heads “Say something once, why say it again?” credo. At least I try to – I have repeated myself on this blog – YIKES!

Also in Ham Radio – the idea of making Honor Roll was WAY more exciting than actually making it. I finally figured out why – the fantasy was the “journey”. The “vision” was the fantasy. Once you “make the grade” – there is little left to do – your journey is pretty much cut short.

OK – music will last my lifetime – I have so much work to do to be a better musician and song writer . . .


One Comment on “When The Idea of The Thing is Better Than The Thing


    How true. Frequently so, in my case.


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