Auschwitz in AmeriKKKa

Blame your short comings on Race and / or Religion – that’s how it starts. “Be Best” Melania (Melanoma Trump) – whose parents immigrated with Chain Migration wants you to “Be Best”. Lets us Eat Cake – (do you care? I don’t) . . . . She also floated the Birther Bullshit – fucking racist hypocrite. “Find Something Else” – Ivanka Trump – White Trash Debuttante – lusted after by her father – married to a dude whose father is an ex con High New York Socialite. Trump is Wannabe Hitler. The GOP are the Brown Shirts and The DHS are the SS. Welcome to AmeriKKKa! I could go on – but “Holiday in Cambodia” by The Dead Kennedy’s now sounds “Quaint” . . .

Trump Followers Making AmeriKKKA great ….. (Photo – CNN)

Can you believe this fucking shit?

How many have to die
Because of one man
He wants to be king
They fell for his scam

He says there’s no war
But that’s just not true
The war he wages
Is with me and you

He says “open up” business
Send kids back to school
Like gassing at Auschwitz
That’s Donald Trump’s Tool

A wannabe Hitler
Stalin, Mussolini
Incompetent clown
A Wannabe meanie

He can’t walk down ramps
Or drink from a glass
He Tweets in strange Tongue
Oval office white trash

My hope and my dream
Is that Karma will rise
Get rid of this monster
Whom we all despise


He’ll tramp on dead bodies
To get what he wants
Auschwitz in AmeriKKKa
All Americans he haunts

He’ll let people die
Put bodies in bags
His extermination
Of the AmeriKKKan flag

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