41′ Vertical

The 41′ Vertical Wins the “Retirement Antenna Shootout”

I compared the EZnec plots of a 40M monoband mag loop, a 44′ and 88′ doublet up 50′ and the Inverted Vee up 60′ at the apex, and they all have their pro’s and con’s. The Doublet at 50′ squeaks by an Inverted Vee with apex at 60′. The doublet has the most gain on 40M, but the takeoff angle is not great. It does get a lot better starting at 30M.

The vertical is the most consistent low take off angle antenna – but with no gain. I’m confident that with my buried radials (128) that it would have low loss.

For convenience sake, the vertical is the easiest, and since I am only barely remaining in the hobby, the 41′ vertical is what I will put up. When we get high winds I won’t have to worry about a tall tower or even wire in the trees. I’ll be on QRP auto pilot . . . .

I even have a 4:1 Balun Designs UNUN at the base where I used to have a vertical, so the KX-3 probably will match it with its auto tuner.


One Comment on “41′ Vertical

  1. I might be interested in your rotor and other stuff. Can you let me know? Jim, K6JS


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