3B7A 40M Propagation Study

0300z: DX Atlas says my path to 3B7 is 353 degrees SP and 173 LP. There is no way that I am hearing them on the Short Path at 353 degrees, so I must be hearing them on the Long Path. They have been weak except a really strong “burst” for maybe 5 – 10 minutes – and it is a grey line enhancement….

3B7A: St. Brandon – a Test for my UrbanBeam?

http://www.saintbrandondx.com/en/ I’m really hoping that SteppIR has the UrbanBeam’s in stock and that I can get mine and put it up before the 3B7A DXpedition. Band conditions might be better than right now – only because we will still be in the “vernal equinox” days, and if there is any high band propagation, it is usually quite good during the Spring and Autumnal equinoxes….