New 80M Vertical

New 80M Vertical – #1 is a 36′ Spiderbeam aluminum push up mast and #2 is a wire that will go up to my tall spruce tree I spent the last 7 months on a project at work that was all consuming. I thought about the product I designed, built and delivered into production. I went that extra mile that management seems to like….

KY6R Antenna Plots (Featuring the SteppIR UrbanBeam)

Along with my Fluke DVM, my Rig Experts AA-30 has seen so much use and helped me with antennas and feed and phasing lines that it rates as my top tool in the ham toolbox. One of the best things you can do – after you tune your antennas at their feed point – is to run the analyzer at your feedline(s) in the…

80M Base Switching Circuit

The circuit will be ready with just a few solder lugs and wire and mounting that heavy coil to the board. Then the board fits perfectly in the Bud Box: And this gets screwed into the redwood support of the vertical.

80 and 75M WIth a 60′ (18M) Spiderbeam Fiberglass Mast

After reading Tom, W8JI’s page on Linear Loading vs. Coil loading: He says this – “Linear Loading is really nothing other than a poor form-factor inductor. The radiation from the linear loading does NOT change the radiation resistance of the antenna except as the effective position of the load might change from the direction of fold. In all cases, a proper form-factor inductor…