Measuring The u.RAT With an Oscilloscope

This is a nice little tutorial on how to use a signal generator and oscilloscope to measure the resonance of a tank circuit. Here is the video: He doesn’t show a frequency counter, but my Rig Experts AA-30 will act as a frequency counter. Here is a great video on what I might try with the u.RAT:    

First Stop on the u.RAT World Tour: EBARC in El Sobrante

I will be giving my first Maker – Ham presentation at the EBARC meeting this Friday: 7:30pm, Friday, August 11th, at the El Sobrante Library on Appian Way This will be my “warm up” for Pacificon, and several Diablo DXers will be on hand    

ARRL Guide to Antenna Tuners

This is a decent book which covers all of the different kinds of commercial – and a few home brewed antenna tuners (couplers). It is a high level book and offers  practical explanation of why you might choose one model over another and also whether or not you would use an internal or external or tuner in the shack or out at the antenna….

The Best Antenna Coupling Presentation by W0QE

Excerpt from Palstar BT1500A balanced antenna coupler. I did a few Google searches for “LC Antenna Tuner” and found the best presentation on the topic yet: It is just packed with so much useful information – and it covers the topic at a level that reminds me that I still have a lot to learn. In fact, it pulls everything that I have been thinking…

U.RAT Ready for World Domination!

The final part of this u.RAT “science fair project” is wiring the variable capacitor and roller inductor with a 50 ohm dummy load resistor and then attaching the Rig Experts AA-30 so we can see how tuning the components affects SWR and what the L, C and X values are. I have been playing with different “equivalent circuits” and using a 56 ohm as…

The u.RAT as an Educational Platform

What started out as a personal project – to use the Elecraft KPOD to control the Palstar BT-1500A, has turned into an educational platform that I can use to write articles and give presentations at Makers Meetups and Ham Radio Club and convention gatherings. I’m giving my first urat presentation at EBARC in San Pablo in just two weeks –  August 11. EBARC has…

U.RAT Video Wrap Up

Here is the full on video for the u.RAT:

The u.rat world tour: First stop – EBARC

On Friday, August 11, I will kick off the first stop on the 2017 u.RAT World Tour at the East Bay Amateur Radio Club (EBARC): The second stop on this World Tour will be Pacificon – Saturday morning (I’m waiting on the time slot at this point): You will notice that the Pacificon web site still points to last years event, so…

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the U.RAT . . .

OK, so that’s a bit dramatic – but I’ll be busy first wrapping up the final “packaging” of the u.RAT Demonstration Board, and then writing articles and presentations. I will submit the article to QST with the main theme one that I will repeat at EBARC and Pacificon – which is that the “Maker – Ham” connection is a real force to be reckoned…

Presenting at Pacificon 2017

I’ll be presenting at the Pacificon 2017 Antenna Forum on Friday and then again on Saturday. Friday’s presentation will be “Low Band DX Antennas” and will feature the Mod Bob and touch on the BT1500A with uRAT, and then on Saturday it will be all about the U.RAT from more of a ham – maker perspective. I’m quite excited about Pacificon this year, especially…