K1EL Winkeyer and Morse Tutor and Begali Intrepid

K1EL Winkeyer USB Kit – why an external keyer? The answer: two outputs for two rigs and no need for an external power supply There are several other reasons for an external keyer – but the #1 answer is convenience. I will be using exactly two rigs for transmit – a NorCal 40A (or sometimes a Red Hot 40) – and an Icom IC-7300….

Morse Code

I am very pleasantly surprised – my intuition is leading me down a new path that I really wondered might not have “legs” like DXCC did all those years. Its a nostalgia trip – but with a real twist – its keeping history alive moving full speed into the future. Begali CW Machine Software – my spacing needs a little help! I started playing…