First Stop on the u.RAT World Tour: EBARC in El Sobrante

I will be giving my first Maker – Ham presentation at the EBARC meeting this Friday: 7:30pm, Friday, August 11th, at the El Sobrante Library on Appian Way This will be my “warm up” for Pacificon, and several Diablo DXers will be on hand    

The IMSAI 8080, Ham Radio and Me

It was 1976, I was newly minted WA2QHN (after passing my General Class Ham Radio test on vacation in Seattle at their FCC Office), and I thought I wanted to be an Electronic Engineer. It all started in Ms. Goodin’s 4th grade class when she taught a series on “The Inventors”. I wanted to be an inventor at age 9 or 10. At age…