FREQ 300 #28: TI7W – Costa Rica

TI7W had a huge signal – and is in a small “sprint” before CQ WW Ah yes – I remember back in the day – when I could work a bunch of new one’s during a contest. Those good ol’ days are back again.

CQ WW CW Bust on 160M

Twilight Zone – “Static” Conditions were abysmal this weekend, so my last 9 will have to wait. I swear, Top Band is starting to torment me, but I’m soooo close, yet sooo far.

Top Band Gold Mine? CQ WW CW This Weekend!

This weekend is the CQ WW CW Contest, and its lining up to be a potentially great weekend for me and my 160M DXCC pursuit. Here are the entities that I need that will be on the air and that are (usually) easy (when conditions allow): Nicaragua Turks and Caicos St. Kitts and Nevis Antigua and Barbuda (I have this but my call was…

160M November Possibilities

Its the possibility of working a new one on 160M right now that keeps me going in ham radio. So, what will be activated this month that I need: VK9MA – Mellish Reef – they started today on 160M, but are just below the noise – popping up every now and then. I do expect that there will be time to work them –…