FREQ 300 #46: EA6NB – Balearic Island

I haven’t been very active Ham Radio wise – but it was a nice surprise to work EA6 QRP in Summer We do usually get some decent EU DX on 40M during summer evenings. EA6NB is a beacon though – you can hear him almost always. He was one of my first DX QSO’s back in 2001 – when I started DXing. My wife…

FREQ 300: 3D2AG – Fiji

#45 Towards the FREQ 300 – Fiji Its been a long time since I bothered turning on the radio more than checking the AM BCB with the KY6R Big Mag Loops. 40M is in great shape this morning, and I do need Fiji QRP, so what the heck. Win4K3Suite Panadapter Display – Nice! Ham Radio QRP DXing is a lot less involved than the…

FREQ 300 #32: UA0LCZ – Asiatic Russia

UA0LCZ was S9 +10 and easily worked with 5 watts OC-Pac and Asia have always been easy, and UA0 especially. Now I know its not just QRO, but QRP as well. The “hits keep coming” and all I can say is that 40M CW rules – there is no better Ham Radio pursuit in my book than 40M DX-ing, and specifically CW. If it…

FREQ 300 #31: P40W – Aruba

No I’m past the 10% mark – this sure is fun

FREQ 300 #30: HR9/N3AD – Honduras

… and number 30 rolls in with this cool little “pre CQ WW” CWT sprint

FREQ 300 #29: PJ4/K4BAI – Bonaire

John at his super contest station. QRP was never easier. Another CWT “warm up” for CQ WW 

FREQ 300 #28: TI7W – Costa Rica

TI7W had a huge signal – and is in a small “sprint” before CQ WW Ah yes – I remember back in the day – when I could work a bunch of new one’s during a contest. Those good ol’ days are back again.

FREQ 300 #27: KH2L – Guam

The “Pacific Theatre” is mine! I’m a bit surprised – the more I use my KX-3 with the UrbanBeam – and continue to log new one’s on a regular basis – even at the bottom of this sunspot cycle, the more I am liking this. Ed’s signal was very strong – and his antenna was doing all the work, but I did get a…

FREQ 300 #15: 9M62MM – West Malaysia

Special Event Station 9M62MM – 62nd Anniversary of Malaysian Independence The operator, Nazmi was very good – a good CW op and he was able to pull me out of the noise. Its the 3rd farthest DX QSO – after Perth, Australia and Sri Lanka, and the second most “exotic” DXCC counter after Sri Lanka. It can be argued that the most exotic station…

FREQ 300 Milestone: #9 – 4S7AB

Kamal, 4S7AB with his 2 element Quad worked easily with 5 watts. Amazing! Perth, VK6 is still the MPW / KPW (miles per watt / kilometers per watt) champion QSO, but this QSO is second – and would be more “rare” if it weren’t for Kamal – who is a beacon from Sri Lanka. Its pretty amazing that I could expect to work India…