FREQ 300 #36: CE2LR – Chile

20M continues to be open, even though it doesn’t sound like it is For the third day, 20M sounds almost dead – but every now and then a station shows up, and with no movement on the meter, I work then easily. I am sure most people tune around on 20M and then just bail – it sure does sound dead. With my 5…

FREQ 300 #35: N7ET/DU7 – Philipines

I worked Dale easily, even with 5 watts and no sunspots – 20M While DU is backyard / easy DX for the West Coast, its gud DX for a QRPer. Hitting #35 is a nice little step up too. I’m in no hurry, but am finding that when I do have time to hang out in the shack and work QRP DX, it doesn’t…

FREQ 300 #33: Vietnam – XV1X

Its been almost a month, but QRP CW DXing takes time and I am in no hurry . . .  Eddy had a solid 599 signal. He’s had more than his share of rough times – but he sounds great on the air – running the pileup like a pro.

FREQ 300 #32: UA0LCZ – Asiatic Russia

UA0LCZ was S9 +10 and easily worked with 5 watts OC-Pac and Asia have always been easy, and UA0 especially. Now I know its not just QRO, but QRP as well. The “hits keep coming” and all I can say is that 40M CW rules – there is no better Ham Radio pursuit in my book than 40M DX-ing, and specifically CW. If it…

FREQ 300 #31: P40W – Aruba

No I’m past the 10% mark – this sure is fun

FREQ 300 #30: HR9/N3AD – Honduras

… and number 30 rolls in with this cool little “pre CQ WW” CWT sprint

FREQ 300 #29: PJ4/K4BAI – Bonaire

John at his super contest station. QRP was never easier. Another CWT “warm up” for CQ WW 

FREQ 300 #28: TI7W – Costa Rica

TI7W had a huge signal – and is in a small “sprint” before CQ WW Ah yes – I remember back in the day – when I could work a bunch of new one’s during a contest. Those good ol’ days are back again.

FREQ 300 #27: KH2L – Guam

The “Pacific Theatre” is mine! I’m a bit surprised – the more I use my KX-3 with the UrbanBeam – and continue to log new one’s on a regular basis – even at the bottom of this sunspot cycle, the more I am liking this. Ed’s signal was very strong – and his antenna was doing all the work, but I did get a…

FREQ #22: French Polynesia – FO/K5PI

Another easy one call 5 watt QRP QSO – French Polynesia It feels like its been a while since my last QRP counter, but its only been just over a week. I’m in no hurry, and I still am amazed at what you can work with 5 watts. I will say this – your timing when you call is everything – there is no…