Turner Dynamic Microphone

One of these babies will grace the KWS-1 when I crank up the transmitter in a couple of weeks. I have been restoring a couple of old microphones, and this cool looking bugger landed in my lap for a song.

2019 March ARRL DX Contest = 80M!

Just listening around for the ARRL SSB DX Contest – and while 40M is pretty good – 80M is on fire. This is when 80M sounds more like a higher band – when there are sunspots. But with February completely devoid of sunspots – its best to drop down in frequency and see what is shaking there.

Shure 51 Sonodyne Microphone

I was able to find a Shure 51 Microphone for only $80. I did some research and found that its easy to restore these – take it apart and replace the cartridge, replace the colored silk inside, and give it a good polishing. Its from the 50’s and is adjustable as far as impedance goes – which means it will work great with the…


Homage to all things Surreal and Dada. Sometimes what seems to make no sense is what makes sense. Sometimes what seems unreal is what is real. Is it Orwellian or influenced by Aldous Huxley? Or both? Our “Dear Leader” is a master of Double-Speak Pass the Soma, please . . .

Back to the KWS-1

Collins KWS-1 Power Supply OK – its time to get back to it. The last 6 weeks have been a real hell for me – but I have turned that corner, and am starting to get my “mojo” back. Time for some fun – my KWS-1 will no doubt be here in just weeks – certainly by my 60th birthday, and I have to…

Broadcast Radio – Its Origins and Importance

Thanks to Mike – KJ4Z – this one has to be shared. Really excellent historical video.

KPIG Rides Again on 1510 AM

Finding an “old school” unique AM radio station with original programming and no syndicate influence is pretty much impossible – but KPIG is one of the very last of this breed. I was lucky to move to the SF Bay Area in 1979 – and then again in 1982, and I remember how Northern California was way before the “Dot Con” years and now…

The Visitor

Imagine that you decided to move way out into the country, and that your driveway is a long and winding gravel or dirt road to your home. You are so remote – you have no neighbors, and in fact, you are more or less hidden from the outside world. Occasionally a wayward traveler makes a wrong turn and ends up driving toward your house….

The Decemberists

One of my all time favorite rock bands is The Decemberists. I love their fun “old soul” approach to an imagined history in lyrics – one that is no doubt based on Colin Meloy reading history and literature. The band is simply fantastic – all musicians are superb. They aren’t perfect – but they are always fun. They always seem to have one song…

2019: Year of “One Wheeled Pig Boy”

One Wheeled Pig Boy and his side kick Rudy Its going to be a much more interesting year than I had expected. Certainly more interesting than last year – which was crazy, and upsetting, but where a big new blue blast of hope came in and history will write that our democracy was saved. The upheaval we have – and are experiencing – will…