Little Epiphanies

Matching Loop for the KY6R Mag Loop The smaller Faraday loop that is basically something like a matching transformer is almost ready – I just have to add the Budwig SO-239 connector. Then mount and wire up the vacuum variable cap in the box. My wife noticed that all of my energy has switched from Ham Radio to music, and that’s true. I used…

Lamp Light

Lamp light Warm light Light up the night Feels right Full moon Blue light Mysterious light Midnight Harvest moon Fire fields Bountiful crop Big yields Chorus Seasons come And go Days Never go Slow

New Hope (Radio Pandemic)

Tombstone Radio Chorus Pandemic Radio Will save us Radio Pandemic New Hope or bust Like in the 20’s and 30’s Radio saved the nation Kept us sane Listened to the stations Music from all genres Filled our ears with sound Jazz, Folk, Blues, Put on our dancin’ shoes Going back To simpler times Make our own music Sing our own rhymes

The Camera’s Riddle

A constant companion A portable friend A Decisive Moment Until the end He walked the streets For humanity He caught his subjects Being free He gave them color In black and white His Family of Man A man with insight Chorus A camera A riddle A little poem For you to consider In monochrome

KY6R Mag Loop Progress

I still have to add the feed loop and vacuum variable capacitor It got hot very early, and because I overdid it sun and heat wise yesterday, I only worked out in the shade in the morning. I will see if I can finish it tomorrow.

Telegraph (Song)

I play guitar, bass, violin, lap steel and vocals. The computer is the drummer Updated lyrics: News came in fast From all points beyond Places everywhere Now could correspond Telegraphic clicking Throughout the nation Connected us all A new sensation It changed the way That wars were fought In the civil war Information was sought News came in fast From all points beyond Places…


It clicked a thousand letters Rang true throughout the nation Connected the disconnected A revolution, a sensation News came in fast From all points beyond Places previously unknown Strangers now could correspond It changed the way wars were fought During the Civil War The North made good use of it The South too slow to score Not all inventions created Improve the human station…

KY6R 40M TX Mag Loop

The loop is 8′ wide by 7′ tall and .75″ thick copper tubing (30′ circumference) Today I sweat these pipes together – it’s the first time I’ve ever soldered copper tubing. I’m pretty sure all joints are good, but I will probably put thin bolts or corner bracing just in case – not sure yet. The 7 – 1000 pf Jennings UCSL-1000 Vacuum Variable…


Back in the day, my friend Jeff and I played at the Hotel Utah a lot, and we had friends who subjected themselves to our shows – Rick and Katie. We got together last summer, and here I am writing and playing silly songs in my “Tiny Desk Studio”. This song is about the characters who tried out for our band – or otherwise…

The KY6R Bad Ass Mag Loop

I’m going to try a couple of things – a directional flag for 160M and a 40M Mag Loop. I’ve been able to get a 40M mag loop with an efficiency rating around 85%. Here is the elevation plot in EZnec: I will sweat my first copper tubing tomorrow – and build this rectangular loop. I will do a little more modeling – because…