KY6R Shack in 2019

To support the KWS-1, I will need to re-arrange the shack I will have the KWS-1 wired for 220, which is next to where the power supply will be. I have a pretty big workbench, and since I only occasionally use it – I can replace that workbench (and old dining room table) with this neat unit: Husky rolling work cart

Radio Rentals

This is a British Matchbox like toy – radios were commonly rented there in prehistoric times . . . 

Oh Deer, The Decemberists!

In one corner of my “man shack” – I have the color Orange – and its PNW (Pacific North West) influenced – (by Boise, Idaho – the cardboard deer I got at Thomas Hammer Coffee), and from Portland, Oregon, the Decemberists. This being December 2, I figure a call out to the Decemberists is in order. And the Color Orange!  

A Dramatic Reading from El Nino

We are having a “Weak El Nino” this winter, but went from dry as a bone to soaking wet in just the last week or so. This is an old photo I took using props that were destined for an Assemblage art piece – and a few did make it to a piece – but this was fun to do still life photography before…

Solar Holiday Lights

This year we have 100% solar holiday lights. Happy Holidays!

A Merry Shortwave Christmas

I never get tired of radio. Its been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember. Happy Radio Holidays!

Ghost of VU7RG

VU2ELJ which was right through the 3Y0I – Bouvet grey line path The VU long path at the end of our day on the West Coast is a path that does open regularly, but not nearly as much as the oath to ZS. Today was great – 40M was very quiet and I was hearing all kinds of great DX starting an hour before…

The Rebel DXer 40M Special!

Off in the distance, you can see the 40M dipole – up 60′. Nice fall colors! (click photo for much better view). You can see the MFJ current choke in the middle, but it’s high enough where the antenna almost looks invisible (hahahaha). You can see how much higher the dipole is over the UrbanBeam. I wish the neighbors tree wasn’t in such bad…

Fall Colors on Walnut Orchard

After two very smoky weeks at the beginning of November, we have had almost 3″ of rain in two decent storms, and we have returned to beautiful sunny skies and very clean fresh air. It takes something like the Paradise Fire to make you realize Climate Change is real, and our clean air, clean water and environment must be treated as sacred.

SW-3 for the Holidays!

National SW-3 “Thrill Box” Decked out for the Holidays Its almost Thanksgiving, but I’m already thinking Christmas. But for me – being thankful is really the essence of both holidays. Treat others as you would have them treat you is all you need to know – and you will be thankful. I really look forward to my end of the year recap of 2018…