FREQ 300 #34: JD1BMH – Ogasawara

JD1BMH – easy with QRO and even QRP at the bottom of the Sunspot Cycle on 20M This was the only signal I heard on 20M towards our sunset, and it was quite good. One call and in the log with 5 watts. This is what makes QRP DX so much fun – exceeding expectations on  regular basis.

I’m Retiring from the ARRL DXCC and QRO and Going 100% QRP

I’ve been having a blast running QRP only with my KX-3 for several months now Our week in Bend so far has just been wonderful. Even though my antenna is about as compromised as I would ever want: Seriously compromised end fed portable QRP antenna (for DX) – but its works great for NVIS! I’m having a blast – because my expectations are “commensurate…

QRPGuys Para40Set vs. Four States QRP Club Bayou Jumper

While I have so much time on my hands and where I am enjoying myself – just letting my mind run free like the snow driven wind outside, lets compare the two Paraset Spy Radio schematics that I have. First, the Para40Set by QRPGuys: The Para40Set Spy Transceiver by QRPGuys The benefit of this kit is that it is a transceiver and it does…

QRP End Fed Antenna Common Mode

LDG includes great instructions for the beginner As it turns out – the smoke detector had a weak battery and was beeping at a timed interval. However, I made sure the counterpoise wire was moved away from the coax feed because you don’t want coax right next to the transmitting wire antenna if you can avoid it. The Balun Designs 4130 QRP 4:1 unun…

LDG vs. Balun Designs QRP UNUN Test

Elecraft KX-3 with Begali Adventure Mono Key I have a long wire antenna deployed at a top secret (spy) location, and am testing QRP UNUN’s for use with this end fed antenna I threw a “super secret spy antenna” up in the trees where I am at The antenna is only up 20′ at the highest end and 10′ at the lowest end. Being…

FREQ 300 #32: UA0LCZ – Asiatic Russia

UA0LCZ was S9 +10 and easily worked with 5 watts OC-Pac and Asia have always been easy, and UA0 especially. Now I know its not just QRO, but QRP as well. The “hits keep coming” and all I can say is that 40M CW rules – there is no better Ham Radio pursuit in my book than 40M DX-ing, and specifically CW. If it…

FREQ 300 #31: P40W – Aruba

No I’m past the 10% mark – this sure is fun

FREQ 300 #30: HR9/N3AD – Honduras

… and number 30 rolls in with this cool little “pre CQ WW” CWT sprint

FREQ 300 #29: PJ4/K4BAI – Bonaire

John at his super contest station. QRP was never easier. Another CWT “warm up” for CQ WW 

FREQ 300 #28: TI7W – Costa Rica

TI7W had a huge signal – and is in a small “sprint” before CQ WW Ah yes – I remember back in the day – when I could work a bunch of new one’s during a contest. Those good ol’ days are back again.