Phased 40M Halfwave Verticals on 80 – 30M

Two 50′ verticals with raised counterpoised feed – makes these verticals a pair of  “bent half wave” 40M verticals. They are spaced 1/4 wavelength apart. The horizontal feed wires are 10′ off the ground

The elevation plot looks great

As does the azimuthal plot

Using two Spiderbeam push up masts with wire taped on and elevated up 10′ would be a perfect way to implement this antenna design.

Because the verticals are close to 1/2 wl on 30M, the antenna does well on 30M

But on 30M it does have the lobes off the side

On 80M, since it is actually a really weird half wave dipole of sorts – it looks like a low loss vertical.


I love my DX Engineering DV-40-P phased vertical array on 40, and I do have a decent 70′ vertical on 80M and the UrbanBeam – which is best on 30 – 6M (its too low for 40M except stateside).

I won’t be replacing my DV-40-P with this multiband antenna any time soon – but it would be a better broadside antenna – in the East and West directions – than the DV-40-P. Giving up the end fire pattern of the DV-40-P is not something I am willing to do – but its good to know that two 60′ Spiderbeam push up fiberglass masts could be used for such a beast. This could actually be a great 80 – 30M antenna for a DXpedition that is on a beach. The feed could be done using a balanced tuner or a couple of L circuits on each leg.

KPIG Rides Again on 1510 AM

Finding an “old school” unique AM radio station with original programming and no syndicate influence is pretty much impossible – but KPIG is one of the very last of this breed. I was lucky to move to the SF Bay Area in 1979 – and then again in 1982, and I remember how Northern California was way before the “Dot Con” years and now this massive tech crunch that has changed Northern California forever.

KPIG AM – 1510 khz went off the air in 2013 – if I remember right. Their antennas and transmitter are on a big warehouse building in West Oakland. In 2013, some shitty station took that site over. It was really sad (even though I can still stream KPIG over the internet), but there is still something cool about old school AM.

Ed, AG6CX, reminded me of KPIG’s “lineage” – KFAT was in fact the station in the 1970’s that was the forerunner to KPIG. At the time – I was listening more to KSAN – the “Jive 95” if I remember right – they were a lot like WNEW of NYC – which I listened to in the years leading up to our family moving from NJ to CA.

As I understand it – KPIG will only be on 1510 AM for a limited time. Too bad, because I am using the National SW-3 “Thrillbox” to pick up a great Sunday radio show with their “Youngest Piggie DJ” – and she is doing a really great job. The SW-3 sounds so amazingly sensitive and “crisp” – through a “field coil” connected to of all things – a Realistic (Radio Shack) Minimus stereo bookshelf bookshelf speaker. It even matches the SW-3 with its black “crinkle” paint job. Cool beans all the way around here. This is big FUN.

The format is sort of “Hippie Redneck” – but I’m more than just fine with this – its 1979 on a 1931 radio in my shack right now – living in the Northern California radio past!


This is based on a real person – Nancy. It was uncanny how when I put this together, it was so close in resemblance to her – not just the face – which would have been enough, but in her spirit.

This is one of those situations where art imitated life – totally unexpected and unplanned – but it did.

Paternity Test

An old piece I did a few years ago. The face in the sphere is in an “Oak Ball” – a sort of cork-ish node that grows on the oak trees around this area – and which fall down with the leaves. I decided to try to see if they fit in an Assemblage – and to my great surprise – they were so easy to carve with a simple Xacto knife. I also was playing with this instant putty that you could fire in your oven – hence the arms holding the little egg.

Finally, the green box holding this work is an old wooden WWII ammo case.

The Masters of Our Domain

This Pie Eyed Smart Feller sure is the Master of His Domain!

January was a pretty bad month for me – I injured my knee rebuilding a rock wall, got sick and had my project at work de-funded due to a major cost reduction effort now put in place. Bad luck – in threes? I hope so – I’ve paid my dues for a while . . . and all this after a (mostly) great 2018.

Bob, KK6EK – on the VK0EK Heard Island project used to jokingly ask “How much is luck worth?” His answer: “Zero”. His point was – you have to plan and have a Plan A, Plan B and Plan C – pinning your fate to luck is usually a losing proposition – and could even be downright dangerous. For example, you might save a lot of money if you can hop on any train, plane or boat at a moments notice – but the kicker is – how much risk are you willing to take to save money?

Luckily (pun intended), my chest cold is on its way out, I can again ride my bike to and from BART (but it will be another month before I think it will be healed sufficiently), I’m even losing weight again, and work wise, I am doing what I can to move forward. My KWS-1 is being powder coated and should be ready in February – so that is what I am now looking forward to most these days.

Was January an “unlucky month?”, or just a convergence of bad things that just happened to turn out that way? I guess it doesn’t matter – because in the end doing my best to keep on keeping on and keeping my focus on planning as if I did not have “bad luck” turns out to be what has sustained me all these years.

Turns out – we get whacked every now and then, but ultimately we really are (as they used to say in Seinfeld) “The Masters of Our Domain” . .

KWS-1: When SSB was Brand New

The KWS-1 and 75A4 were introduced in 1955, 4 years before I was born. SSB was brand new – and I am sure the AM vs. SSB argument was raging. I also am betting that Collins helped really change things with this awesome pair of receiver and transmitter.


Gold Dust Twins: Stays Young!

Excellent old advertisement – with a 60+ year old rig in front of my face . . .