KY6R Mag Loop Gamma Match

4 Foot Mag Loop With Gamma Match (Before Trimming)

From Gamma Match

Thanks to comments from Bas,  and John, I will try another feed loop – and because I have experience with building gamma matches for my home brewed HF yagi’s- which worked very well, I will switch to a gamma match – or “psuedo gamma match” as John suggested.


I’ve also ordered a NOS vacuum variable that has less range – and I expect better tuning than the one I have. This one is 5 – 100 pf instead of the one I have – which is 7 – 1000 pf. I need something that isn’t so ridiculously sharp to tune. The antenna as is is a very narrow bandwidth antenna – so while I love the gear and the stops on the cap I have now – I’ve learned it probably wasn’t the greatest choice. I should be able to sell it pretty easily – and I got a really good price when I bought it – so I should be able to recoup that cost.


I found this as well – actual size calculations


Radio Tombstone


A refurbished Tombstone Radio is now in the house

I wanted to write a song about a Tombstone radio. I suppose I could have used it to paint a picture of the past – but because I have been subjected to God Awful Fox Radio all over the AM dial these days – I’d tie the Tombstone to Fox News and the whole collosal Trump Failure.

Distant station
Divided nation
Fading signal

Over the hill
Find the will
Change the dial

Come in clearer
Hope is nearer
Past old tombstones


Drive past fear
Old graveyards
Four bad years
Turn the dial
Radio Tombstone

Tuning The KY6R Mag Loop

I was able to get the antenna to tune up

Our backyard is extra sunny and hot since several neighbors trees either fell down or had to be cut down. So I only have a short while each morning to work on the antenna.

Today I finished all electrical connections – specifically, wiring the vacuum variable cap.

I was able to get a 3.2:1 SWR, and that’s without moving the feed loop in relation to the large outside loop. I’m hoping that will get the SWR down.

While I love the cap I bought – I think it has too much range. I think I might get something with a narrower range.

KY6R Mag Loop Progress

Tuning Loop inside outer loop

I’ll tune it and then set it for good

The Jennings Vacuum Variable Cap

I’m very pleased with how this is coming out. Now I just have two pieces of copper “tape” to connect the cap and then tune it.

I’m hoping if I set it for 7.025 or so that I will cover most of the CW band with the K3 auto tuner.


Some people care about their legacy, some don’t. I think about all of my relatives who passed years ago, and I remember some funny thing or just that they were a nice person and important in my life. One thing I do know – history will be so bad for Trump that it will be his worst nightmare, and in fact, with anyone who he has fired – they all come back and write a scathing book about him.

“Normal” people don’t get to see how their legacy pans out. Trump gets to watch it on prime time TV, and he gets to see how he’s reviled and hated even before he spins off this mortal coil. Some legacy . . .

Haunted by

Haunted by

Haunted by

Haunted by

Radio Tombstone

Put on yer boots
We’re going for a ride
There’s a new sheriff in town
Across The Great Divide

There’s gonna be change
On your radio
New music and news
About a man named Joe

Swept away
The Great Divider
This Sheriff named Joe
Our new re-uniter


Get out the rope
Twist in the breeze
Vote out the Grifters
The Washington Sleeze

Little Epiphanies

Matching Loop for the KY6R Mag Loop

The smaller Faraday loop that is basically something like a matching transformer is almost ready – I just have to add the Budwig SO-239 connector. Then mount and wire up the vacuum variable cap in the box.

My wife noticed that all of my energy has switched from Ham Radio to music, and that’s true. I used to be into these antenna projects with a lot more “zest”. I guess Ham Radio is now a distant third place hobby in my life these days, only held in place by my thought that I am one of the last people in earth who know and love CW.

Musically, I’m learning to keep all parts simple, both what I play instrumentally as well as lyrically and vocally. Because I’m not a great singer, or a master player for that matter, I can make myself sound better than I am by keeping all parts simple and sparse. What this does is keep me writing and playing – like an involved and advanced practice session. But better than just practicing, I’m writing some decent songs.

I’m finding that cutting back on my wordiness also makes for better poetry. Not every poem is a lyric and vice versa.

I also am glad I was on that anti Trump jag – it served its purpose where I can laugh at basically “The Enemy Within” – a true Domestic Terrorist who has cost the US many lives (on both sides).

The rock wall continues to make me very happy that I tore into that project as I did. In the fall, the Chinese Pistachio tree will look gorgeous next to the wall. Expect some very nice photos.

Work is going great, we will be working on a new product line, and the lead architect is promoting me more and more as the companies data guru, so that bodes well for my career, as late in the game as it is.

OK, what will this week bring? As the country sinks into more depression and dispair, I can only think it’s God’s way of punishing Americans for being so stupid. First electing Trump, now defying life saving advice.

As always, it’s a mix of good and bad – mostly good even in bad times.

Lamp Light

Lamp light
Warm light
Light up the night
Feels right

Full moon
Blue light
Mysterious light

Harvest moon
Fire fields
Bountiful crop
Big yields


Seasons come
And go
Never go

New Hope (Radio Pandemic)

Tombstone Radio


Pandemic Radio
Will save us
Radio Pandemic
New Hope or bust

Like in the 20’s and 30’s
Radio saved the nation
Kept us sane
Listened to the stations

Music from all genres
Filled our ears with sound
Jazz, Folk, Blues,
Put on our dancin’ shoes

Going back
To simpler times
Make our own music
Sing our own rhymes

The Camera’s Riddle

A constant companion
A portable friend
A Decisive Moment
Until the end

He walked the streets
For humanity
He caught his subjects
Being free

He gave them color
In black and white
His Family of Man
A man with insight


A camera
A riddle
A little poem
For you to consider
In monochrome