KLIB to KBND Fade at 0315 utc

A Dramatic Reading on KY6R Radio . . . 

After putting up my KY6R Big Loops – I started receiving AM BCB stations that I never could before. I was very happy to pick up obscure low power stations up and down the West Coast, and even up into Canada, Mexico, and quite a distance Eastward.

That is the fade from a station in Roseville, CA – near Sacramento fading to KBND in Bend, OR. Both are low power stations, and during winter, this fading starts as early as 4 hours earlier.

No surprise here – I was wondering if these stations would even be heard in Summer, and the answer is yes – its just that the D Layer is energized a LOT longer in Summer – and the days are even longer in Bend than in Roseville, so I can hear Roseville a lot longer than I would in winter.

False Profits

He died for our sins. How he can keep up with this God only knows . . . oy vey!

[Fine Print] Two sins per customer, offer expires in 30 days, no Warranty or Guarantee expressed or implied [cymbal crash][/cymbal crash] [/Fine Print]

If Jesus were here today – he’d have to get a ton of help to rid the temple of Money Changers, False Prophets (Profits?) and other Grifting Charlatans.

The world is now more full of such riffraff than Jesus ever could have envisioned or imagined.


Forever, The (Sacred) Machine

The Machine is Here For You. It Has and Will Always be Here For You . . .

Worship the Machine: It Worships YOU. You Will find Comfort in The Machine. The Machine is here for you.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

It was here when you were born (your Alpha or Solid State – at the bottom with the children) – it knows every move you have ever made – and will keep a record of what you do when you are sent to the next “Sector” (your Omega or Hollow State with the Raven at the top).

Holy, Holy, Holy!

You see, your destiny (and “ascension”) has always been in good hands, so sit back, relax and find comfort that your are taken care of.

Holy, Holy, Holy!

Forever. Your Memory will Always Live on – in our Data.

Inspiration in Tough Times

Waiting for a post Covid-19 world

It’s only been two months since our life and world has been changed “forever”.

While it has been driving some people insane (thugs breaking a Target workers arm after being told to wear a mask), I’m finding great solace in “sheltering in place”.

There are many renditions of a theme that I subscribe to that I never would have in my 20’s, the Zen Buddhist phrase:

“The hardest thing to do is nothing”.

As a young man, I was impatient. I was in a band playing music in dive bars, but wanted success and fast. I was practicing my art but trying way too hard. I wrote some decent songs, but I had not lived long enough nor experienced life and it’s trials and tribulations much at all.

The paradox is – now that I am older, thoughts and creativity are flowing out of me, making me feel even more alive, and I already was doing well in that department since I got remarried almost 15 years ago.

The truth is, making it through a tough time is life affirming. Now add to this the fact that the entire world is going through the same thing. We truly are all in this together. I do think most humans do care about other people and that we hope everyone does well. I believe this because when we read it hear about someone else’s tragedy – even complete strangers, we get sad – we have empathy.

The foil to this are world leader pretenders, but they make us angry and even that makes us more human.

We are then inspired by the doctors, nurses, governor’s and others who are like firemen rushing in to put out a fire.

You know there are countless scientists and thinkers working very hard for a cure. Worldwide!

While we live in scary times, we need to have some hope because these things truly don’t last forever.

I’m just thankful that somehow I’ve become more inspired and less worried – because my local government did the right thing at the right time.

Maybe it’s a glimmer of confidence that leads to hope?

I will continue to tap into this energy because when (not if) things go back to normal, I might lose some if this energy and inspiration.

Mandolin Orange

Mandolin Orange – The Songs I’d Love to be able to Write . . . 

I’ve been having so much fun playing and writing music – and I’m really digging the NPR “Tiny Desk Concerts” – man, every damned one of them seems pretty superb.


Mandolin Orange is a new favorite – but watch out – there are so many superb bands I’ve never heard of before that are just awesome – just checking out all the Tiny Desk Concerts might get you through your lock down!

Big Thief – very interesting:


And a favorite of mine since her days in 10,000 Maniacs – Natalie Merchant:


And Nickel Creek – if you know where Newton, NJ is – you’d understand how I have some true hick / hillbilly in me. Hard to image all these years later:


And the Pixies! – OK – this could go on forever . . . . .


Art is Life – especially during these Covid-19 Times. Do yourself a big favor – turn off that News Channel and switch to the art and music channel – you will thank me for the suggestion!




Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass

The Gretsch G2220 Junior Jet Bass

Music is turning out to be my next Ham Radio. This instrument will complete my “Tiny Desk Studio”. I have never had any inkling to play bass, but then I started hearing that all of the guitar / bass manufacturers had smaller basses that were originally meant for students to learn, turned out to be very popular with all levels of bass player. One big benefit is that guitarists – who play a shorter neck than a bass, can feel comfortable with this reduced size bass and fret board. The second benefit is the sound – many say they love the tonal range of the shorter bass. Now – add in that they are quite a bit cheaper than their full sized big brother – and so I bit the bullet.

I have been having just the best time during this Covid-19 shut down with music. I have never had so many ideas while at the same time improving my playing ability. This music inspiration has spilled over to writing lyrics and now – add in visual arts.

Add in riding my bike 6 days a week and getting back into some DBA work with Postgres, Redshift and Snowflake at work, and I really don’t want to go back to the way it was. This is so much better.

We have been continuing to contribute to the economy by doing take out once a week (we hardly ever go out to eat), and of course go food shopping and have been to the hardware stores too.

I’m hoping for at least a treatment for this horrible disease, but while we wait, I feel quite happy and content at home.

Covid-19: Week 9 in Lock Down

Birch Trees in Bend – After The Snowstorm – R. Holoch

Its been long enough for this “New Norm” to feel like a new chapter. Big changes happened at work last week, but I still have a job, and I am more excited about work than ever. I have a new project that should kick off soon – and its something I’ve been trying to sell since about December. Maybe this Covid-19 has me realizing just how important it is to appreciate our lives while we have them. Make Hay as the Sun Shines.

I was quite amused at an interview with Democratic Strategist James Carville this past week – where he mentioned that Brad “The Devils Haircut” Parscale just purchased a Maserati, two condo’s in Florida, a Range Rover and God knows what other tacky Nouveau-Riche toys. He is Trump’s Campaign Manager – and there was some stories saying that he might get fired. I read in the Atlantic how Parscale comes from another “interesting” family just like Jared Kushner – another “fine” Father and Son duo. Parscale also received a PPP bailout of $800,00, which sucks because I have heard many companies who haven’t received such a bailout – and they had to have layoffs. Carville is a pretty interesting guy – very smart, very “homespun”, with a great sense of humor. He thinks that all of the people who have come and gone through Trump’s Administration have been fleecing him for all they could get – before they know their time will be up. He calls the Trump Administration a “Pack of Grifters”, and that cross checks with several other stories of late. Karma seems to work on many levels and many different ways. Its very, very obvious that Trump is super desperate – and Carville dropped a bomb by saying that Trump’s People have been feeding him phony poll numbers so they can keep their job and grift just a bit more – before the whole thing implodes. I laughed at how that statement will be seen by Our TV Watching Junky President – and how it will drive him out of his mind. Karma for sure.

This Obamagate thing is so laughable – you can see the desperation. I read another story where the writer said that Trump is like Hitler, but without the Brains or Balls. I laughed at that since I had thought the exact same thing. Long story short – Trump’s Game is known and now so old and stale – its about as impressive as yesterdays dirty underwear. Next cute diversion please – as people die in mass numbers in the US.

Sadly, America has to even read or know about this noise – the real news doesn’t even make it to the news any more. We have a real crisis, and we also have many fine people around the world working hard to come up with treatments and a cure – luckily, I have been able to find some of these stories – but I have to Google around to find these stories – unfortunately we are all subjected to the Daily Trump Clown Review.

How much lower will America Fall? The pit seems endless at this point. There will soon be spikes due to early re-opening economies in some states or some parts of states – get ready for this.

Even in what feels like The Worst of Times, I have been more creative and more energized than ever. I can only pray that they at least find a treatment while we wait for a Vaccine.

Until then, I am going no where and fast. They can open up whatever – and I will gladly let the Darwin Award Winners go and be the Canaries in the Coal Mines.