Trashcan Shakespeare

If I had a band, I’d call it Trashcan Shakespeare

I’m having a ton of fun writing silly Limericks and pretending to write music.

I’ve had hobbies when I was young, and at that age the hobby had to lead some where. For instance, I played in a band in the 80’s with a dream of being on stage. I got my wish but realized I liked everything leading up to that – but not being on stage.

When VK0EK was happening, I was asked to go, and it was very tempting. But at least being in my 50’s I could be a lot more honest about myself.

These days I enjoy things for what they are, not what they might become.

I’ve even gotten over my mic fright. When I was WA2QHN, as soon as I got my General License, I tried to get in the air with SSB and was petrified with much fright.

Now, hell, I’ll even try singing again. I guess I’m that old man who just doesn’t give a shit any more.

God Hates Trump

Donald Trump and baseball
How are they alike?
Just when they would start again
The Umpire calls out Steeerike!

Poor number 45
Wants his re election
A swing, a miss, at the plate
Everyone will reject him

First strike was the Virus
Then came the Depression
Third came BLM
Struck out one term session

His downfall perfectly timed
Exposed for all his crimes
Gross incompetence. Whose
Batting next? Mike Pence

Mitch McConnell and Bill Barr
And that Lindsey Graham
Will never ever get to bat
God tells them all to scram

God is the Umpire
He’s the one who rules
Even God has his limits
He ejects the fools


We want a batter
Not a belly itcher
Thrown out by the Umpire
Struck out by the pitcher

FREQ300: Mariana ISLANDS – KHow – #47

Its been like watching grass grow – but QRP CW is pretty much the only thing keeping me in Ham Radio

The occasional antenna experimentation plus QRP CW is the only things holding my interest in Ham Radio. I’m much more invested in playing music and attempting to write songs. It is nice to still have one pinky toe in radio though – the only real skill left operating wise is CW – without this unique and “baroque” skill, it would have basically no meaning for me. I just sold my HT because I realize after several emergencies that we have had that the last thing I’d do in an emergency is turn on and use an HT. Plus, even when the power goes out – cell phones stay on these days.

I am still interested in tinkering – but I’m staying away from spending much money on Ham gear these days. I expect I’ll use this K3 until I retire – then it will be just the KX3. The magnetic transmitting loop that I will build (actually re-purpose one of my KY6R Big Mag Loops – which was RX only) – if it works out – will probably be my “retirement antenna”, and it will be 40M only.

Speaking of that – now that I only have one KY6R Big Mag Loop – when I try to listen to the small radio stations up in Oregon, I can hear them – but with very deep and long QSB. Phasing two of them through the DXE NCC-2 was pure magic. Steering the null so that the antenna was more like a beam was fantastic. Unfortunately, AM Radio is nothing but Fox News – so I couldn’t stand listening to that garbage – and so out the window AM BCB DX-ing goes for me. That era is gone forever now.

My radio nostalgia is wearing thin – CW is the only nostalgia left in it for me – and I can say that Ham Radio in general has become a true anachronism for me.

I am glad that there is this last “hook”, and it does give me an alteranative hobby – when I need a break from music – which lately has been hardly at all. The FREQ300 is still kind of a “cute” passtime. It still does make me feel good to work a new one with QRP – in fact, I do marvel at ho – once there are no pileups – 5 watts with a decent antenna – cuts the mustard.

Year is Half Over

What a year …. Oy Vey

Beneath the cloud of American pestilence, depression, protests and a true Baby Man-Monster in the White House, we are doing well. Work is going great, music is great, exercise is great, lots getting done around the house. Oddly, we have experienced that time is going faster, not slower as you’d expect during times like these.

Let’s hope for a fix and a cure and that we get Man-Baby out on his ear in November.

Two 24′ Magnetic LOOPS

I’ve decided to keep one of these loops as an RX antenna and the other as a 40M transmitting loop

Once I get a vacuum variable capacitor that covers 82 pf at 4 kv or more, I’ll have a magnetic loop that can handle up to 100 watts – and will be well within QRP range.

There is a nice calculator online – not sure if its accurate, but glad there is something on the web:


I built two 24′ circumference mag loops – for RX phased with an NCC-2

I’m going to try phasing two antenna’s that will be fed like verticals, but look like loops. I’ve sold the NCC-2 – 6 months of AM BCB DX-ing was enough, and I haven’t gotten interested in 160M again since making DXCC on that band. So, as usual, change is in the winds.


While the phased receiving “KY6R Big Mag Loops” was a huge success – this year I am getting a “2 fer” with these 24′ circumference loops.  I’m intrigued by phasing two of these using a DX Engineering DV-40-P at 35′ apart. Here is how I will modify them:


When a Loop becomes a Vertical. That square at the bottom is the ABS plastic box – there is only one connection to the “loop/vert” the other goes to the radials. SO, how does it look in EZNec?


90 degree phasing where they are facing each other


When they are end to end – they look very similar. The azimuthal pattern is different:


When they are facing each other


We get a 90 degree direction shift

I checked the 180 broadside pattern, and it didn’t change – so the rotators will still be useful because while these aren’t magnetic loops – the fact to face and end to end configurations do change direction. Its a pretty bizarre use case, but what the heck, I have to try it. 

I’ll A-B test these against the UrbanBeam up 55′ – where its a folded dipole on 40M. I’ll certainly test these using QRP.


America’s Last Dance

Make America Grave Again
The point of no return
Bury us in ditches
Or a funeral pyre to burn
As long as Trump gets his second term

Our country is a shit hole
Rich people don’t give a shit
They have theirs
The rest of us can go fuck off
Stack our Covid-19 bodies in a pit

As long as the market goes up
Fuck the common man
Or even uncommon less
As long as we buy what they are selling
Otherwise who gives a fuck about our distress

The Wall IS BUILT!

The old retaining wall is rebuilt
The new wall is canted into the hill
The path is very pleasant above the creek
This part of the yard used to be totally wasted space
The end of the 50′ wall and trail

Our Virtual Civil War

I’ve been writing limericks as a way of coping with our Great Pumpkin Menace. But hearing about how Trump is complicit with Putin paying the Taliban to kill US Soldiers is downright tyrrany and he deserves to get impeached again. He is a traitor. This time, the battlefield is virtual – it’s the media – social and otherwise. It’s psychological warfare. Add in slowing down testing, and you have pure evil in the White House who is killing people.

America is at war now
It’s a virtual civil war
It’s time to save our country
It’s a country worth fighting for

President Evil lurks the White House
Domestic terrorist lives inside
It’s time to end this evil
Lets regain our Pride

It’s time to put our boots on
Fight back against tyranny
Take a stand against the man
And take back our country

Lounge Singer


It was a very busy day, and another great one. I worked on my latest song and re-recorded parts so they would be more in time. I re-recorded the guitar and lap steel and added violin and a small synth part with Morse Code (SOS) and oh no! Vocals!

Almost done with the hardest part. I wanted a nice little hiking trail next to the creek. This wall is about 50′ wide.