Oh Deer, The Decemberists!

In one corner of my “man shack” – I have the color Orange – and its PNW (Pacific North West) influenced – (by Boise, Idaho – the cardboard deer I got at Thomas Hammer Coffee), and from Portland, Oregon, the Decemberists.

This being December 2, I figure a call out to the Decemberists is in order. And the Color Orange!


Latest Bouvet Propagation Prediction

Its a mostly water path from San Francisco to Bouvet Island . . . and the sunset grey line is pretty much perfect as far as when they will go and activate . . .

I believe 40 – 17M. Propagation prediction tools are notoriously bad even at 40M – and are terrible below that. In fact, I usually take the prediction and shift the bands down by one – and then it seems more like reality.

From the WC – even if say 160M and 80M were possible – we’d get killed by other parts of the world.

I am sure 3Y0I will have to ask specifically for West Coast during the WC sunset and for hours after – and especially on 40M. I’ll bet 30M could also mirror 40M in this regard.

I’m in it for ONE QSO – once I see myself in their log – I’m done.


End of Fall in Orinda

The end of Fall in Orinda is pretty much just before Christmas, which is really cool for someone originally from the Northeast. Autumn can’t last long enough in my book.


A Dramatic Reading from El Nino

We are having a “Weak El Nino” this winter, but went from dry as a bone to soaking wet in just the last week or so. This is an old photo I took using props that were destined for an Assemblage art piece – and a few did make it to a piece – but this was fun to do still life photography before they were “committed”.

Solar Holiday Lights

This year we have 100% solar holiday lights. Happy Holidays!

A Merry Shortwave Christmas

I never get tired of radio. Its been a friend of mine for as long as I can remember. Happy Radio Holidays!

Ghost of VU7RG

VU2ELJ which was right through the 3Y0I – Bouvet grey line path

The VU long path at the end of our day on the West Coast is a path that does open regularly, but not nearly as much as the oath to ZS. Today was great – 40M was very quiet and I was hearing all kinds of great DX starting an hour before sunset and going hours after sunset.

I am quite sure that if 3Y0I were on the air at this time – it would be workable from the West Coast on 40M.