Trash Man

Presidential waste
Set him out at the curb
In the green bin
So he can no longer disturb

A disposable diaper
A paper plate
Who wouldn’t or couldn’t
Make America Great

White Trash Debutante
Stick him in the can
He’ll be picked up
By the Garbage Man


Waste Not, Want Not
White Trash White House
Curb side pick up
Throw away the dirty louse

Trump Toast

You didn’t like
Trump University
He fleeced you and me

You didn’t like
Trump Casino
That business didn’t go

You didn’t like
Trump Steak
That one really took the cake

You didn’t like
President Trump
He turned America into a dump


Trump Toast
Trump Toast
Here’s a business
We like the most

Sound Salvation


Radio, Radio, its a Sound Salvation

Just another song idea with bass, guitar and lap steel guitar.

I honestly can’t say that I have a favorite instrument. The Violin is the most challenging, but I am crazy intrigued with it.

The lap steel is soooo much fun, and easy to learn.

Today’s song started with a bass line and drum box. The only problem with using the computer for a drum box is that it’s far too precise for humans. My playing sounds a bit out of time because human syncopation is a bit sloppy.

I’ve found that trying to get my timing computer perfect by recording my song ideas forces me to practice a lot more seriously than sitting in the couch, and playing multiple instruments has opened up the world of arranging.

Know when to play and when not to play is possibly the most important thing.

Teflon Don Shoddy

maxresdefault (1)

President Bog Roll
On Charmin Patrol
TP for his bung hole
Just Like Cornholio

Left a Port A Potty
After doing sqautty
Not Teflon Don Gotti
Just Teflon Don Shoddy

That wad of toilet paper
On the shoe of our big faker
Tragic bellyacher
Not a mover or a shaker


He visited the loo
Did what he had to do
TP stuck like glue
On the bottom of his shoe

The Trump Stomp

It’s time to put your boots on
March out for what’s just and right
Never let our guard down
Our countries worth the fight

Trump divides our country
Fine people on both sides
Stokes racist hate, injustice
Lets regain our Pride

The Pandemic is his nemesis
His head is in the sand
The economy is in tatters
Let’s take back our land

More Americans will perish
He should be tried for Treason
Negligent pandemic homicide
Is the biggest reason

Under his reign of terror
More deaths will be for sure
Will surpass the death toll
Of the Civil War

It’s time to put the boots on
Reclaim for us what’s right
Kick the incompetent bastard
Completely out of sight


These boots are made for stompin That is what we’ll do
Kick the White House Grifters out
And all Republicans too

The Wall


This Wall Continues to be Built!

I re-did that last song – I needed to “gussy it up a bit” . . .

President Spite


President Spite
Could do nothing right
He isn’t very bright
He likes his Twitter fights

When things don’t go his way
And refuses to pay
Starts a big fray
Threatens doomsday

A child like spoiled brat
From the rich kids frat
Scurries like a rat
In his MAGA hat

He’s the biggest fool
He lost his families jewels
Drinks water like he drools
Americas biggest tool

He can dish it out
He puffs up real stout
When anyone punches his snout
He always starts to pout


A vile spiteful man
Will get kicked in his can
This little piggy gets none
Fat cat comes undone

Castles Built of Air

He said he is a builder
In truth he tears things down
His castles there are many
His debt he does compound

His riches are on paper
A filthy Ponzi scheme
He says he is a rich man
That’s just a hopeful dream

In truth he is a poor man
Whose books are in the Red
He hides financial statements
He hides the truth instead


Castles Built of Air
It’s the American way
Phony wealth, declining health
How Americans seem to play

Psychopathic Ghoul

“I told them to slow testing down”.

His handlers said he was joking
But we know what they are smoking
His followers lambs to the slaughter
Fresh meat for his Princess Daughter

His ego is pure nuclear waste
His ambition you can almost taste
Anything to get re-elected
Spread Covid-19 to the unprotected

People aren’t humans to him
His views of others is grim
He is a psychopathic ghoul
He doesn’t care, do you?

Our leader skulks like a ghost
The world’s biggest joke
Don’t you mind or fret
The Grim Reaper chooses whose next!


No one gets out alive
It’s anyone’s guess where or when
History will be unkind
To him and his evil whims

Data Management


I’m going on my 40th year as a Data Guy. I was an Oracle DBA for 20 years, then Data Engineer, followed by Data Architect and now I’m drifting into the last role and chapter of my career – Data Management.

When I was younger, all I cared about was the Data Technologies – data stores and data processing, and even data visualization.

HOWEVER, along the way I started getting really cynical – I knew scores and scores of data was useless and even bullshit. Either a system was slapped together where the data couldn’t physically be used, or correlations between different data was impossible. One company I worked for had no way of knowing how to find ALL customer data – they literally has about 7 different systems that viewed the customer differently, and I barely was able to design something that attempted to bridge the gaps. The funniest thing was that we had data scientists who used this shitty data and made big proclamations of this and that business improvement – and I knew it was totally impossible to discern any of that – and that they were just complete bullshitters.

More importantly, besides bad data quality, data security, the cost of cloud computing and personal information protection are very serious business. Its taken all these years for the IT Industry to finally get serious about this – probably driven by GDPR, CCPA and just plain “Total Cost of Ownership”. Besides – knowing more about your data means you can use it for a business advantage.

I’m right in the drivers seat of this new movement – and I figure I’ll code a little less – well – maybe do more SQL where I am doing more data analysis and less data “plumbing”. I’m much more interested in ensuring Data Quality and making sure the data is useful to the business than the technology, but even in this regard I still love the tech part – in fact, I’m loving Snowflake – surely the next Data Warehouse technology that I will be using.

Anyway, it feels great to have this last major push and “theme” in my career – I don’t know when I will retire, but I do know what I want to do “When I grow up”.