Make America Boring Again

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Make America Boring Again
Lets forget about Trump
All of my stories write themselves
Our country has become a dump

Lets forget and move on
To quieter and simple times
I liked our 8 year recovery
With No Presidential Crimes

Its fun to write limericks
In Samuel Clemens Tradition
But after a while, I’m sure
I’ll start losing this ambition


America the Boring
Not much to talk about
Like watching the grass grow
With nothing much to shout

Halloween Every Day


“Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
I check the news every day as I have since Trump was elected. Its a rare day that the headline stories aren’t some form of horror story. But lets dissect this a bit deeper. There is a ton of noise and almost no signal. Here’s what I’ve come up with
1. Besides a giant tax windfall for the rich, the GOP and Trump have done less than zero
2. When the Federal Government was less than AWOL (they have gotten in the way), local and state government stepped up
3. The Depression bailout had limits and caveats where (again) rich people and corporations got what was a second giant tax bailout
That’s it – the wall isn’t being built and health care hasn’t been dismantled. Even the Supreme Court – and other Federal courts have not worked out so well for The Teflon Con. In fact, I almost think that the conservative judges are more like the people running The Lincoln Project – old school conservatives that don’t like Trump.
I do feel a wind blowing where the “Silent Majority” is actually anti-Trump. In fact, I’d bet he lost all of the people of The Lincoln Project’s “ilk” – those who hated Hillary but will be “OK” with Biden for many reasons. I’ve grown to like these kind of Republicans – they are people I feel are decent people – even if we have differences of opinion. These are people you can at least negotiate with and find some common ground.
What of Trump wins a second term? (I think he himself will throw dirt on his own campaign-grave) I would bet a high wager that his health goes into steep decline. I don’t think he lives a healthy (or happy) life at all – and that his ego will literally put his health and even life at risk. Be VERY careful what you wish in this case. The country will also have ongoing unrest – probably no matter what – but with Trump it will be much worse than under Biden.
What Wall Street does is a mystery. I never can understand how they think – and it does scare me that my investments are tied to people who don’t seem to follow logic. Many times, a bad jobs report had the market go up – and vice versa. And it does scare me that they seem to like Trump even though the Covid-19 and Depression would (you think) have the market on a deep rut.
Here is something cool – I predicted this a while back:
And here is where we are at now:
It doesn’t take a financial genius to guess that this would be the case
I’m hoping that I will no longer have so much material to draw from as far as limericks or song ideas are concerned. I hope I end up with writers block – that our Federal Government becomes boring again.
Hey there’s a new idea!

Make America Goatboy Again

Trumps Campaign Manager, Devil Goatboy

Devil Goat Boy
Was his name
Make Trump look good
Was his game

Devil Goat boy
In MAGA hat
Fleeced campaign
Behind Trumps back

Devil Goat Boy
Caught Jared’s ire
Demanded immediately
That he be fired


He grifted far
And grifted wide
The poll numbers fell
To the other side
The SS Trump
He knew was sinking
He grifted hard
When no one was thinking

I might use this song idea for Devil Goat Boy:

I’ve had the lap steel guitar since last Friday – so please excuse my poor playing. I am enjoying it perhaps more than any other instrument – which is a total surprise – its just an amazingly cool instrument.

Teflon Don

It lasts a while
Then starts to peel
A Teflon pan
A Teflon man

He’s lost his luster
His blowhard bluster
Retreat! Retreat!
Like General Custer

A laughing stock
Is his new Dharma
After mistreating others
He gets his Karma


Teflon ain’t
Its a thin veneer
Like Teflon Don
It’s just a con

President Schmoe

Sad Clown Walking

I accept your challenge – to write a song or poem about Trump’s #SAD campaign death March.

I’ve always said only Trump can beat Trump. I am sure he will continue to make things worse for himself. He had nothing but massive luck to start with. His luck has run out in biblical proportions.

He went to Tulsa
To excite his base
Returned home a sad clown
With egg on his face

President Claribelle
Big floppy shoes
Returned home dejected
Tulsa rally blues

Helicopter march
Sad song from the Hulk
Returned home disheveled
The Incredible Skulk


Karma is great
You reap what you sow
Send in the Sad Clown
President Schmoe

Update: Barbara Streisand did a hilarious parody of “Send in the Clowns” about Trump. Google it, it’s out there.

Build The Wall!


Build the Wall
Make it two feet tall
Let everyone in
Just like my next of kin


Keep the borders open
America has been broken
The last four years
Full of tears


Lets get back to basics
Trumps Regime – lets replace it
Get back to greatness
Better times await us


This land was made
For you and me
Family of [every] mans tree
From sea to shining sea

Humpty Trumpty Broke His Crown

Humpty Trumpty
Sat on his Wall
Wind blew it over
He had a great fall
All the king’s Elephants
And Sycophants
Couldn’t save him from his rants

The people he courted
All went to Tulsa
They yawned and yawned
As he had his convulsa
He whined and he cried
To an Empty Crowd
He called that ramp a water slide

More and more people
In his great Nation
Got so fed up
With his abdications
They wanted a leader
Not a bottom feeder
Throw him out on his keister


Never hit a man
When he’s down
But it’s OK to
Drop kick a clown

Empty Cheap Suit Rally Blues

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I’m gonna eat some worms
I held a rally
Nobody showed up
I wanna second term

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
I’m gonna Tweet more shit
I’ll hold a rally
A much bigger rally
I never know when to quit

Nobody loves me
Everybody hates me
I’ll spread Covid-19
I want to get re-elected
My base is now infected
They’ll end up as Soylent Green


An empty suit
He’ll get the boot
Come November third
We need to go out
Give him a big rout
And flush the Orange Turd

komputer musik für komputer menschen


Kraftwerk was an early computer music pioneer, pushing the limits of technology

I figured out what the problem was with the previous MP3 post – the sampling rate was not high enough for all of the detail in that last song. It is heavily digital, and has only two small analog sound tracks – one is the Gretsch Lap Steel (which you can pick out), and a violin part which I am sure you cannot – because it is so overly processed its far from the original sound.

First Lap Steel Song Idea


The Fabulous Gretsch Electromatic Lap Steel

I wanted to combine old school with new school – something that would sound bizarre if I told you about in – in this case “Techno Dance Music with Lap Steel”.

I’ll have to change the synth I’m using for the high pitched “voice” – for some weird reason – it has a lag once I export to MP3. I’ll switch to something with a faster attack.

The challenge will be to keep it repetitive and interesting. I think at this point – using sparse sounds to wash in and out like waves would be the right idea – and also – maybe later the sounds in so it ramps up and then ramps down – just like sets of waves in the ocean. Some waves are bigger than others – so that’s how I will be able to keep it interesting and as “trance – dance” as possible.

I’m thinking that this could be best as background ambient techno that they play at cool lounges in SF and Oakland.