Two Patents

Clarkes Creeping Baby Doll Patent Drawing

I walked into work today and was told that two of my ideas are worthy of applying for a patent. LendUp had hired a Patent Attorney whom I met with about 4 – 6 weeks ago, and to my surprise, the two things I thought were the “secret sauce” of the product I designed are worthy of applying for patents. I know it takes a while to apply – and that pre-screening ideas is needed since most patent applications get rejected. Anyway – guess I at least have made it past the first hurdle – there will be many more I am sure.

Spring Shoe Patent Drawing

I spent all day filling out two forms and drawing diagrams and explaining how my ideas work. Luckily, both of these things are things I’ve never tried to build before, so they stand on their own. They are both in the IT area of Data Management / Data Protection – and they are at the dawn of a new era where “Big Data” made a mess of things – now we have to clean up our data acts. One of the patent ideas is based on “Small Data” – that’s all I can share at this time. Both are things that you need in a Data Catalog – in commercial products like Collibra or Alation – but where they leave it up to you to build them. So I did! As I said – I know it can be a long road to get to a patent, but just knowing that I have this kind of executive support is one heck of a great compliment.

What a great day! This is a highlight of my 38 year career.